The Jellies Experience Opens March 31st at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

We received this in our email box from the Monterey Bay Aqurium and we are SO excited for this exhibit!!!!!!Come and book your stay at the Pacific Grove Inn and purchase your tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and recieve VIP Access to the Aquarium, along with a special 2 day pass for the price of one!!!
The Jellies Experience

A World of Mind-Bending Beauty

We invite you to enter the magical world of jellies—graceful, dancing drifters that pulse and glow, flash colorful lights and often pack a powerful sting. You can see them in all their psychedelic glory when “The Jellies Experience” opens on March 31.

Our newest special exhibition combines 16 of the most beautiful jelly species from around the world with unusual interactive displays highlighting the intriguing lives of these unlikely animals: their graceful movements, beautiful symmetry, deceptive fragility and surprising survival skills.

Learn more about “The Jellies Experience.”

Spotted jelliesMoon jelliesJapanese sea nettle     

Blubber jelly
Blubber jelly
Flower hat jelly
Flower hat jelly


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