The History of the Pacific Grove Inn

We are often asked how our hotel was started, and how long we have been a part of this neighborhood. Pacific Grove itself dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and has been home at different times to William Adam, Charles B. Judson, John Steinbeck, and other artists. The homes themselves date back almost as far! Here is a little background on our Bed & Breakfast on the Monterey Bay…

Buck Mansion

Frank L. Buck with his wife.

Our history begins in 1904, when the front house of Pacific Grove Inn was built by Frank LaVerne Buck. Buck was born in Huron County, Ohio, and spent much of his life traveling with his family, engaged in a grocery business and farming. The Buck family traveled from Ohio to Iowa, Kansas, and Minnesota, and in 1900, seven years after leaving his homestate, Buck and his wife moved to California. After initially arriving in Los Angeles, they traveled through San Jose and San Francisco before reaching Pacific Grove the following summer.

It was here where Buck met Tom Work, owner of the T.A. Work Company, and purchased a half-interest in Tom’s business. He became Vice President three years later. In 1904, Buck built this lovely home, which he traded later for a fig & grape ranch near Fresno County. He also headed up the very first Board of Trade for Pacific Grove, serving the office for three years.

Tuttle Cottage

The Tuttle Cottage is the second half of our Bed & Breakfast. This home was built and owned by Charles Kirkham Tuttle, a Pacific Grove pharmacist and photographer. Tuttle was born in Benicia, CA, the second youngest in a family of four children. He began his pharmaceutical studies right out of high school at 16, and after graduating from college in 1879, he managed a drug store in Salinas, CA for J. C. Scott Tuttle. He moved to Pacific Grove in 1887 due to failing health, but decided to stay on and became involved with civic work, as well as serving on the City’s Board of Trustees for years. An avid photographer, Tuttle distributed his photos of landscapes and scenery along with his prescriptions to patrons of his lighthouse drug store.

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